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The tools for communications are easily accessible.


Does that make communications an easier practice?


Limits in time, resources and knowledge often bullies smaller organizations into costly and inefficient decisions, injuring their capacity to secure the change they want to see happening.


Multitudes will lead and teach into understanding your communications as simple, beautiful tools for development & change in reaching the goals you set for your organization.





♦ Yes, Multitudes is a one-guy operation.

♦ But that one guy is a riot.

♦ When in need, that one guy brings some more muscles in.

♦ We usually don't do commercial endeavours.

♦ We do make exceptions.

♦ We love NGOs, non-profits, small-scale, civil society and/or grassroot organisations.

♦ We try to work mostly with open-source systems.

♦ We do bespoke, simple yet sturdy material.

♦ We build stuff made to grow with you.

♦ We can sing, we can dance, we can learn. Tell us what you have in mind.

♦ Sometimes, we make mitsake. We are sorry. We correct mistakes.

♦ We try hard to keep our prices reasonable.

♦ We can not do free.

♦ We do believe that climate change is real.





To walk with you through the process of understanding how to think out your communications, choose the good tools and learn how to use them efficiently.





A world where managers, employees, partners & volunteers of small and medium-scale organizations are well equipped to deal with their communication needs.





Education, curiosity, efficiency, empathy, respect, equality, fairness, sustainability, inclusiveness and good manners. 





Design. Hosting. Maintenance. Strategies. Concepts. Content Creation. Editing. Social Media.

Work in French, Spanish & English.
Our homebase is Sainte-Adèle.
Our reach is global.

To be heard.